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The best thing is that it still has room for improvement and is constantly updated. Very happy with the acquisition. I will not exaggerate, it is a great plugin. I bought it recently but I already use it in every project I do. It really speeds up my workflow and makes the tedious process of maintaining the library of objects, maps, materials even fun.

The only thing I regret is not buying them before. Man Mars verified owner — December 11, Managing asset is one of the most important thing with a 3D artist. Well managed asset helps you work much more effective. And this tool can help you to do that with its powerful functions and easy to use. Plus supporting from the developer is very good. Alexander Kramer verified owner — December 12, Hi, Man!

Thanks for the great comment! We are very pleased and important to know what you find Kstudio Asset Browser useful. Tryharder verified owner — October 16, Takes a while to understand all the features. But after a while it rocks. A must have plugin!

Jixal verified owner — August 10, Fantastic plugin! Works effectively and efficiently. Easy to install and setup. This is something that should be natively included in 3DS. Alexander Kramer verified owner — August 12, Thanks for your words, Jixal!

Hope you will also like 3rd version. Development of 3rd version now at the final stage. And will be available in month or maximum two. Mohammad Nabil verified owner — April 17, The first time I used this software, it improved my efficiency in CG work. I am a CG worker from China. Can you develop multilingual versions? Alexander Kramer verified owner — December 29, Tristan Hung — December 13, Thank you.

Ramon Aranguren verified owner — December 4, Marco Andrade verified owner — October 28, I havent used it a lot since I bought it a few weeks ago, but it is fast and better than browsing in the normal windows explorer, I still have to understand how to add all my libraries.

I will keep looking in the manual. Great plugin so far! Alexander Kramer verified owner — October 28, Thanks for for your feedback, Marco! Chris Wade — October 22, Daniel Diaz Del Castillo verified owner — October 17, A must have for any office size, PM is in the heart of our daily workflow, and the customer support is out of this world! Must buy! Gustavo Ratner verified owner — July 24, Torri Walter verified owner — July 7, Un prodotto indispensabile nel lavoro 3D.

Grazie anche al continuo aggiornamento svolto Dal nostro Alexander Kramer. Rodrigo Aldeabaran Diaz Maldonado verified owner — June 26, It helps us a lot in several tasks and get our stock models organized and ready to populate our scenes. Keep improving it and for sure we will get a really great tool. Joe verified owner — February 1, Very practical and convenient at work. If can add a library management script is even better.

Clark Bickford verified owner — October 31, Inserting models is very difficult compare to Asset Browser, and not from a learning curve, from a software point of view. The program has quite a lot more features, but can be unstable and requires lots of updates to fix bugs. This additional time adds up in a production envrionment. Alexander Kramer verified owner — October 31, Thank for your review. Please describe more about issues with inserting models and other issues what you receive using Project Manager.

About the purpose of assigning custom thumbnail to files — the next version will be able to use a custom preview and be able to specify several related files.

I would be grateful if you could post a description of your wishes and bug reports on the forum. As a rule, most of the errors are resolved within a week if there is sufficient information from users.

Warren DeBruyn verified owner — August 22, Probably one of the best thought out plugins, fast and reliable, easy to use and very convenient. It makes populating a scene very easy!

Brian Chapman verified owner — August 12, My favorite plugin by far. Nazarii Vovk verified owner — June 29, George Chianese verified owner — June 13, Excellent for managing proxies. Easy to create thumbnails of your models. Was using connector app, but this is simpler to use. Nicolas Balagny verified owner — May 15, We can not imagine the daily work without this brilliant plugin.

The developer is extremely close to the user and is very quick to answer questions. Michael Bilodeau Balatti verified owner — January 23, Gary Tyler verified owner — January 1, I have been blown away by the new Project Manager demo so I purchased it. I had tested the past versions and while impressed, I did not purchase.

I expect this new version will become a popular must-have for every 3ds Max user. Very excited to adopt this into my workflow! Bob Emerson verified owner — October 10, John Santangelo verified owner — November 25, I have been using Project Manager for about 3 years now.

Powerful, easy to use and the customer service is unmatched. Studiia Opierativnoi Ghrafiki Goldis verified owner — November 25, Scheffold Christian verified owner — November 25, Rossen Mitov verified owner — January 9, Very pleased with this product.

It definitely saves me time. The support is great too. Highly recommended! John Santangelo verified owner — December 21, Project Manager streamlines the creation and maintenance of large 3D library assets. I love using it and the customer support is great! This is a tool that I will never do without! I used this tools a lot everyday, usually finding, relinking or copy images are time consuming, but PM helped me to do it as fast as possible with one click. I think many people do not know what treasure it is, so I recommended everybody to try at least one time.

Thank you so much for this great tools. Albert Chan verified owner — November 13, Mustafa Mamdouh — September 29, Nicolas Bischoff verified owner — March 17, The best asset browser available. Our entire studio uses this and it was worth every penny. Peter Letten verified owner — November 14, IFan Juang verified owner — November 14, Your Review.

Sweep Profile Baseboards-A 1. Sweep Profile Baseboards-A 3. Sweep Profile vol. Sweep Profile Casings-A 3. Models Manager. Moldings Mega Bundle. We care about your privacy. The email address will strictly used for our newsletter. Add to Wishlist. Rated 4. Get Demo. Project Manager. Project Manager quantity. Adding assets to a scene. Materials, Textures and Bitmaps. Asset Tracking System. Using Project Manager you can be entirely in control of external links in your scenes.

Batch Processing 3D Files. Project Manager also possesses the tools to help you with batch processing of your assets. The user can adjust most of the features in Project Manager: merging or storing assets to the library, creating a studio for rendering previews, and much more. Why Choose Project Manager? To downsize your 3d projects, the objects can be merged as proxies, or as xRefs in the viewport. Buy Now Get Demo. Main Features. Supported Renderers. Special offer. Features Main Features Simplifies the addition any types of assets, such as models, materials, textures and IES to the scene Cataloging libraries of models, materials, textures and IES Sync database on network.

Automatically fix paths to Textures for merged models. Replacement scene objects by other objects Automatic conversion merged models to Proxy Vray, Corona and etc. Ability to add a description and tags to max, ies and image files. Misc Features Support to almost all known renderers and plug-ins. Support Support Forums Support Forums. Video tutorials Quick start.

Download the archive with the plugin Choose the installation for the desired version of 3Ds Max. Run the 3ds Max Create the Fusion object To create an object, choose the Kstudio Category in the Create section on the Command Panel Create the object in the viewport and switch to the Modify tab Open the License rollout at the bottom and press the button License An activation dialog will appear Select the most suitable activation type. Press the button “Generate identification file” Upload identification file to dashboard Download the license key Press the button “Apply License” and Choose the downloaded license key.

This instruction applicable only for Project Manager I recommend paying attention to utilities such as PsExec and PowerShell — with their help you can install the 3dsMax plug-ins and apply the license keys in a batch mode. Using: Download and extract the archive SilentModeInstall. Project Manager Wishlist Search images by color. Changelog Project Manager version 3.

Rated 5 out of 5. Definitely a huge time saver, I highly recommend this useful plugin. Alexander Kramer verified owner — November 24, Glad to be helpful to you and thanks for your story!

A must have tool for 3dsmax everyday users. Fixed crash editing or loading Effects in Max Fixed: Error reading constant values in expressions with regional settings which not use “. This release includes the following improvements and bug fixes Added support for V-Ray 3. Fixed crash with Corona Interactive Render and Edge mode.

Windows XP is not longer supported. Note: Mental Ray for 3ds Max is not supported in this build. This release includes the following bug fixes. Point-cloud using color ID is gamma corrected. Fixed problems with Forest Tools broken in v5. Removed dependencies from V-Ray in some library scenes. Fixed an issue where billboards would not render using Forest Material with V-Ray. Fixed crash rendering with Redshift. Fixed crash with Forest Color and Corona interactive.

This release includes the following improvements and bug fixes. Added support for V-Ray 3. Several limitations are known: Forest object is not visible in viewport while IPR is running this will require major changes in the code and is postponed for a major release. Camera clipping is not updated dynamically. Please see the video below for a demo of this new V-Ray 3. Fixed crash with missing VRayProxy assets.

Fixed crash rendering multiple frames in Corona Renderer, when using Custom Edit mode and camera clipping. Fixed random issues with Editable Meshes in Max , when used as Surfaces or objects. Fixed geometry issues with VRay proxies using “Flip Axis”. Fixed empty entries in “Customize User Interface”. Improved Forest Effect to scatter items on displaced surfaces. The process is now simplified and surfaces can now be any shape before being displaced. Fixed warning error in Octane with disabled Forest objects.

Fixed rare crash in V-Ray with Fake Shadows. Custom Edit uses local axis of each item, instead axis of the Forest object. Fixed updating issue with Forest Edge. Fixed crash on Max close. Added support for long paths in registry configuration values. Fixed errors in Corona material library. Added support for Max Added option to customize Font Size for the Lister see Options. Fixed bug with Animation modes in Mental Ray. Fixed rare crash bug when using Animation modes and Display limits.

Fixed crash when rendering without license. Fixed: Toolbar placed out of screen and not visible see Note 1. Fixed: Toolbar is not available after a Workspace change. Fixed rare bug that would cause animated objects are not updated correctly. Fixed: in some cases Forest Exclude Areas has no effect after the first animation frame.

Fixed: Forest doesn’t update with changes of rotation or scale on Custom Objects, until scene is reloaded. Fixed bug with XRef scenes binded to a rotated object. Fixed updating issue with Effects using “max. This feature lets you to create custom installations using non-administrative accounts.

Fixed rendering error with Mental Ray and Max Added support for Max and V-Ray 3. This solves a potential problem with Max Forest Seed parameter and Forest Color map percentages are animatable.

Scene Explorers are closed before rendering with Mental Ray and restored once completed. This workaround fixes a rare crash of the Scene Explorer in Max Fixed memory leak in Mental Ray. Fixed potential crash usign animated objects. Fixed rare crash with Network licenses. Fixed version checking in MR shader. Fixed crash when using Edge mode with Exclude Fallof. Fixed Octane materials for Gravel presets library. That fixes updating problems with Octane presets. Removed Mental Ray warnings when using IRay.

Changes between 4. A new type of object, “ForestLOD”, is used to define levels of detail. Once created, assign it as Custom Object in Forest.

Visibility triggers by distance to camera or screen size. Support for billboards and geometry. Custom materials. LOD properties can be adjusted in Camera rollout. This mode creates clean edges automatically, regardless of the geometry used. Specially designed for grass distributions, lets you to use clumps of any size, solving problems as this. For non supported renderers, Point mode will be used instead.

Library: 16 new presets: Gravel, including detail and large scale models. Added materials for Corona Renderer. Fixed crashing bug using Undo after a Surface delete. Added Undo support for several operations in Geometry rollout as Clear buttons. Fixed problem of Exclude areas with Inverted Falloff Curves. Fixed rare problem related to missing Surfaces on load.

Fixed minor issues in Maxscript functions. Fixed potential crashing bug on Forest cloning. Forest Color ignores status of Override checkbox when using Tint by Element. Fixed minor issues with Forest Color and Mental Ray. Fixed random crash with points-cloud mode in Max Fixes: Fixed picking of sub-objects with Max and Custom Edit mode.

New features and changes: Added support for Max Improved V-Ray render performance on many-core machines. Improved viewport peformance using animation modes. Forest Lite can be collapsed to editable mesh. New features and changes: “Meadow”, a new library that includes over 30 wild grass and flower presets.

Support for V-Ray 3. Support for Corona Alpha 6, including Forest Color. Translation can be controlled using maps. Diversity Map can use its own texture, independent of the Distribution Map. New scattering algorithm for UV Surfaces, which allow to deform the surface without changing the density of the distribution.

To preserve compatibility with old scenes, existing Forest objects use the old algorithm. Inverted falloff curves can be used at same time with including and excluding areas.

In Custom Edit mode, items are placed in the highest surface when there are several of them stacked. Forest Tools uses a more descriptive name for the generated items. Fixes: Fixed random crash cloning Forest objects. Fixed crash in V-Ray when using billboards and camera motion blur.

Fixed: Presets are loaded as XRefs, instead merged in the scene. Fixed several issues in the Library Browser. Custom Edit items are properly positioned when rescaling scene units. Fixed rare crash in Forest Color when modified from Maxscript.

Improved Thea Render materials. Fixed error picking objects areas, custom objects , that would produce unexpected behaviours. Fixed rare error editing paint areas. Added support for VRay 3. Fixed error on scene save after rendering, when using Mental Ray and nested Forests.

Fixed potential crash using exclusion area from a Forest object that uses Custom Edit mode. Fixed right menu on Library Browser when there are not items selected. Fixed potential crash using presets of billboards. Allow to randomize items that are aligned on the same XY position, along stacked surfaces. Added right-menu selector for Custom Objects, Surfaces and Areas. Rebuilds all Forest objects.

Added support for VRay 1. Added Max to the installer. Some library models daisy and white clover were to big. They have been scaled to a more natural size. Added support for Laubwerk Plants catalog add-on to be released soon. Presets now can use library materials. Each material of the preset is replaced by a material from the library with same name. XRef import is disabled by default for Preset models.

XRef materials always are merged in the scene, regardless of the Library Browser settings. The templates layer now keeps a single copy for each plant model. Scenes created with previous versions from 4. Fixed: error loading preset if exists in the scene a Forest object with same name as used in preset. Added support for labels and thumbnails at library level. Fixes Fixed major viewport slowdown when using animated VRay proxies.



3ds Max — Deadline documentation

Earlier versions of Deadline still require Backburner to be installed for Deadline network rendering of 3ds Max jobs to operate correctly. The following procedures describe how to install the integrated Autodesk 3ds Max submission script. Python scripting. Enhanced ShaderFX. If the job info entry is an array, this gets the element at the given index. You can configure the 3dsmax plugin settings from the Monitor. Autodesk provide the following knowledge post COM Error: CoCreateInstance failed please check your registry entries on how to resolve this issue.


Chaos Corona 8 released! | Chaos Corona.3ds Max Populate Characters Export to Stingray – Evermotion

All rights reserved. Populatw VFB specific image files? This video highlights Autodesk design solutions for the automotive industry. There could be many reasons my Max would fail to load the scene file. CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC.

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