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However, it seems harder to turn around. Overall, there are more attacks, but you might find that some of your older combos do not work. In addition, if you’re close to losing, it’s possible to still do the Desperation moves, just like before. On top of all this, there are Overdrive moves that can be charged by doing normal attacks. These attacks can easily remove a quarter of your life if they aren’t blocked. Overdrive moves can be done simply by holding down all four Attack buttons.

If you’re feeling a little obnoxious, it’s also possible to taunt. Some of these taunts are comical. There are five new characters. Two are Bosses and one is a hidden character. First there is Chaos who is a bizarre warrior who uses a scythe to cut down his foes.

As can be expected, his attacks are best suited to long-range strikes, similar to Mondo. However, his range is at the expense of speed. He does have some interesting combos that combine weapon strikes with foot attacks. The bulk of special moves Chaos employs are a series of noxious gases that are emanated from his mouth, and a few moves where he slams himself into whoever gets in his way. Last but not least is his Aerial Sonic Blast that can be beneficial against fireball characters like Kayin.

The second new character who’s easy to get a hold of is Tracy. She is a cop who has a number of acrobatic moves and attacks with her baton.

She moves quickly and can inflict a large amount of damage. Her range isn’t all that far, so the best strategy with her is to get in close and start with the combos. Longdistance characters will give her a tough time. The first of the two Bosses is Uranus.

This female warrior resembles a Gothic angel, complete with wings. Note the nifty transparency effect. She has a number of projectiles and some damaging close attacks. She is best described as how Gaia was in the first game. Hit-and-run tactics work best against her.

If you are using her, just counter anything your opponent does. It shouldn’t be too difficult. The last Boss is a young girl named The Master. Don’t be fooled by her small size and what appears to be an absence of weapons. This girl can summon a sword that looks like Gaia’s. She can ride it like a surfboard and wields it with ease. Her moves are damaging to the point of being cheap. If you are using her, tap the buttons rapidly, and you’ll find yourself doing some combos.

Her special moves cover every angle, so jumping in is a bad idea. Try to rotate around her to get an advantage. The most secretive new fighter is Vermillion. This guy looks like he’s a gnarled killer right out of a Victorian horror novel. He has a shotgun in one hand and a revolver in the other. You can’t see his projectiles, which hit almost instantly. His actual attacks are slow but powerful.

Most of the time you can take him out by rotating around his shots. If you are using him, shooting from the air will almost ensure a victory. His range is hard to beat especially if you try to stay away from him.

Gaia, the master monk, has shed his powerful armor in favor of more revealing attire. He still has his giant sword though. Gaia’s moves are among the most powerful, and his combos are easy to do. However, Gaia lacks speed. If you can get in the first hit, you can chain your attacks together. When fighting him, keep your distance. Ellis retains most of her attacks. Some of her twirling attacks along the ground have been replaced by sweeps. Her new special is a twirl where she surrounds herself with magical energy.

Overall, she’s the character. When using her, get close and rapidly tap some combos. To stop her, do what she’s weakest at doing: close fighting. Keep your distance, and she’s meat. Fo, the comical old man, has a new look that is sort of like a jester. He retains all of his attacks. In the first game, Fo was susceptible to aerial attacks.

To counter this, Fo now has a move where he lies on his back and conjures up a power blast. Of all the characters, his rear attacks seem to go out the fastest. Mondo plays pretty much the same, but his moves seem to do a lot more damage. He now has a spear move that allows him to strike upward. Mondo is good at all ranges, but overall he is weakest when you are close to him. Rungo has seen several improvements.

He’s quicker and also has a new series of kicks where he steps toward his opponent three times. He also has a brand-new twirl move. Rungo has a hard time against hit-and-run tactics, so chisel his life away bit by bit. If you are playing this guy, try to counter your opponent’s attacks rather than going on the offensive. Sofia has had some of her attacks modified. Now her energy rings can launch upward. She has couple of kicks that can be used for leaping in.

The most important fact about her is that all of her specials can be done in the air. This can give foes a nasty surprises, especially if they jump in at her. Duke is relatively unchanged. A new swipe that twirls him around his opponent has been added.

However, he still matches up well against the other characters. Duke is strong both up close and from a distance. He is best used to counter whatever is thrown at him. Did you hate it? Say something about this game! Post comment. Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cookie policy Cookie settings. Click the link below to start the download. The game is provided as a zip file “as is”. There’s no installer. To run a Windows game you will probably need a virtual machine. Download Battle Arena Toshinden.

Abandonware DOS is a free service. However, there are costs to sustain. You can help with a small PayPal donation: you choose the amount. Donations are optional , you don’t need to give money to download!



Toshinden 2 pc download

As in the first game, a player falling out of the ring will result in a ring out, only this time, if both players fall out of the ring at the same time, the one who falls out last will be declared the winner. Sound: Japanese voices add a certain flavor to the fighting, and the story at the end of the game is read aloud in Japanese. Click on Download text link to open new page.


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