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An examination exam or evaluation or test is an educational assessment intended to measure a test-taker’s knowledge , skill , aptitude , physical fitness , or classification in many other topics e.

Tests vary in style, rigor and requirements. There is no general consensus or invariable standard for test formats and difficulty. Often, the format and difficulty of the test is dependent upon the educational philosophy of the instructor, subject matter, class size, policy of the educational institution, and requirements of accreditation or governing bodies.

A test may be administered formally or informally. An example of an informal test is a reading test administered by a parent to a child. A formal test might be a final examination administered by a teacher in a classroom or an IQ test administered by a psychologist in a clinic. Formal testing often results in a grade or a test score. The norm may be established independently, or by statistical analysis of a large number of participants.

A test may be developed and administered by an instructor, a clinician, a governing body, or a test provider. In some instances, the developer of the test may not be directly responsible for its administration. For example, Educational Testing Service ETS , a nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization, develops standardized tests such as the SAT but may not directly be involved in the administration or proctoring of these tests.

Informal, unofficial, and non-standardized tests and testing systems have existed throughout history. For example, tests of skill such as archery contests have existed in China since the Zhou dynasty or, more mythologically, Yao.

A precursor to the later Chinese imperial examinations was in place since the Han dynasty , during which the Confucian characteristic of the examinations was determined. However these examinations did not offer an official avenue to government appointment, the majority of which were filled through recommendations based on qualities such as social status, morals, and ability. Standardized written examinations were first implemented in China.

They were commonly known as the imperial examinations keju. The bureaucratic imperial examinations as a concept has its origins in the year during the short lived Sui dynasty. Its successor, the Tang dynasty , implemented imperial examinations on a relatively small scale until the examination system was extensively expanded during the reign of Wu Zetian.

The exact nature of Wu’s influence on the examination system is still a matter of scholarly debate. During the Song dynasty the emperors expanded both examinations and the government school system, in part to counter the influence of hereditary nobility, increasing the number of degree holders to more than four to five times that of the Tang. From the Song dynasty onward, the examinations played the primary role in selecting scholar-officials, who formed the literati elite of society.

However the examinations co-existed with other forms of recruitment such as direct appointments for the ruling family, nominations, quotas, clerical promotions, sale of official titles, and special procedures for eunuchs.

The regular higher level degree examination cycle was decreed in to be 3 years but this triennial cycle only existed in nominal terms. In practice both before and after this, the examinations were irregularly implemented for significant periods of time: thus, the calculated statistical averages for the number of degrees conferred annually should be understood in this context. The jinshi exams were not a yearly event and should not be considered so; the annual average figures are a necessary artifact of quantitative analysis.

A brief interruption to the examinations occurred at the beginning of the Mongol Yuan dynasty in the 13th century, but was later brought back with regional quotas which favored the Mongols and disadvantaged Southern Chinese. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the system contributed to the narrow and focused nature of intellectual life and enhanced the autocratic power of the emperor. The system continued with some modifications until its abolition in during the last years of the Qing dynasty.

The modern examination system for selecting civil servants also indirectly evolved from the imperial one. Japan implemented the examination system for years during the Heian period Like the Chinese examinations, the curriculum revolved around the Confucian canon.

However, unlike in China, it was only ever applied to the minor nobility and so gradually faded away under the hereditary system during the Samurai era. The examination system was established in Korea in under the reign of Gwangjong of Goryeo. Any free man not Nobi was able to take the examinations. By the Joseon period, high offices were closed to aristocrats who had not passed the exams.

The examination system continued until when it was abolished by the Gabo Reform. As in China, the content of the examinations focused on the Confucian canon and ensured a loyal scholar bureaucrat class which upheld the throne. There were only three levels of examinations in Vietnam: interprovincial, pre-court, and court. The imperial examination system was known to Europeans as early as It received great attention from the Jesuit Matteo Ricci — , who viewed it and its Confucian appeal to rationalism favorably in comparison to religious reliance on “apocalypse.

During the 18th century, the imperial examinations were often discussed in conjunction with Confucianism, which attracted great attention from contemporary European thinkers such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz , Voltaire , Montesquieu , Baron d’Holbach , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , and Friedrich Schiller.

He also admits that French education was really based on Chinese literary examinations which were popularized in France by philosophers, especially Voltaire. Western perception of China in the 18th century admired the Chinese bureaucratic system as favourable over European governments for its seeming meritocracy. In he gave a lecture at the University of Halle praising Confucianism, for which he was accused of atheism and forced to give up his position at the university.

The earliest evidence of examinations in Europe date to or in Bologna. These were chiefly oral in the form of a question or answer, disputation, determination, defense, or public lecture. The candidate gave a public lecture of two prepared passages assigned to him from the civil or canon law, and then doctors asked him questions, or expressed objections to answers.

Evidence of written examinations do not appear until at Trinity College, Cambridge. According to Sir Michael Sadler , Europe may have had written examinations since but he admits the “evidence is not very clear. The Mathematical Tripos , founded in , is commonly believed to be the first honor examination, but James Bass Mullinger considered “the candidates not having really undergone any examination whatsoever” because the qualification for a degree was merely four years of residence.

France adopted the examination system in as a result of the French Revolution but it collapsed after only ten years. Germany implemented the examination system around Englishmen in the 18th century such as Eustace Budgell recommended imitating the Chinese examination system but the first English person to recommend competitive examinations to qualify for employment was Adam Smith in In , the Congregational church missionary Walter Henry Medhurst considered the Chinese exams to be “worthy of imitating.

This was based on the recommendations of British East India Company officials serving in China and had seen the Imperial examinations. In , the company introduced civil service examinations in India on a limited basis. According to Meadows, “the long duration of the Chinese empire is solely and altogether owing to the good government which consists in the advancement of men of talent and merit only.

The Northcote—Trevelyan Report of made four principal recommendations: that recruitment should be on the basis of merit determined through standardized written examination, that candidates should have a solid general education to enable inter-departmental transfers, that recruits should be graded into a hierarchy, and that promotion should be through achievement, rather than ‘preferment, patronage, or purchase’. When the report was brought up in parliament in , Lord Monteagle argued against the implementation of open examinations because it was a Chinese system and China was not an “enlightened country.

In , Edwin Chadwick reported that some noblemen did not agree with the measures introduced because they were Chinese. The examination system was finally implemented in the British Indian Civil Service in , prior to which admission into the civil service was purely a matter of patronage, and in England in Even as late as ten years after the competitive examination plan was passed, people still attacked it as an “adopted Chinese culture.

After Great Britain’s successful implementation of systematic, open, and competitive examinations in India in the 19th century, similar systems were instituted in the United Kingdom itself, and in other Western nations.

Like in Britain, many of the American elites scorned the plan to implement competitive examinations, which they considered foreign, Chinese, and “un-American. The Civil Service Commission tried to combat such sentiments in its report: [18]. Standardized testing began to influence the method of examination in British universities from the s, where oral exams had been the norm since the Middle Ages.

In the US, the transition happened under the influence of the educational reformer Horace Mann. The shift helped standardize an expansion of the curricula into the sciences and humanities , creating a rationalized method for the evaluation of teachers and institutions and creating a basis for the streaming of students according to ability.

Tests were used to determine the mental aptitude of recruits to the military. In , the first Advanced Placement AP test was administered to begin closing the gap between high schools and colleges. Tests are used throughout most educational systems. Tests may range from brief, informal questions chosen by the teacher to major tests that students and teachers spend months preparing for.

In contrast, high school students in other countries such as the United States may not be required to take a standardized test to graduate. Moreover, students in these countries usually take standardized tests only to apply for a position in a university program and are typically given the option of taking different standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT , which are used primarily to measure a student’s reasoning skill.

Depending on the policies of the test maker or country, administration of standardized tests may be done in a large hall, classroom, or testing center. A proctor or invigilator may also be present during the testing period to provide instructions, to answer questions, or to prevent cheating.

Grades or test scores from standardized test may also be used by universities to determine whether a student applicant should be admitted into one of its academic or professional programs. For example, universities in the United Kingdom admit applicants into their undergraduate programs based primarily or solely on an applicant’s grades on pre-university qualifications such as the GCE A-levels or Cambridge Pre-U.

The other criteria in this case may include the applicant’s grades from high school, extracurricular activities, personal statement, and letters of recommendations. Standardized tests are sometimes used by certain countries to manage the quality of their educational institutions. For example, the No Child Left Behind Act in the United States requires individual states to develop assessments for students in certain grades. In practice, these assessments typically appear in the form of standardized tests.

Test scores of students in specific grades of an educational institution are then used to determine the status of that educational institution, i. Finally, standardized tests are sometimes used to compare proficiencies of students from different institutions or countries.

Standardized tests are sometimes used by certain governing bodies to determine whether a test taker is allowed to practice a profession, to use a specific job title, or to claim competency in a specific set of skills. For example, a test taker who intends to become a lawyer is usually required by a governing body such as a governmental bar licensing agency to pass a bar exam.

Standardized tests are also used in certain countries to regulate immigration. For example, intended immigrants to Australia are legally required to pass a citizenship test as part of that country’s naturalization process. When analyzed in the context of language texting in the naturalization processes, the ideology can be found from two distinct but nearly related points. One refers to the construction and deconstruction of the nation’s constitutive elements that makes their own identity, while the second has a more restricted view of the notion of specific language and ideologies that may served in a specific purpose.

Tests are sometimes used as a tool to select for participants that have potential to succeed in a competition such as a sporting event. For example, serious skaters who wish to participate in figure skating competitions in the United States must pass official U.

Figure Skating tests just to qualify. Tests are sometimes used by a group to select for certain types of individuals to join the group. For example, Mensa International is a high-IQ society that requires individuals to score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized, supervised IQ test. Assessment types include: [33] [34] [35]. A single test can have multiple qualities.



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The game’s engine also changed, shifting to the company’s new proprietary Luminous Engine. When Tabata took over from Nomura, the entire development team was reshuffled and development started over again, although he worked as a co-director with Nomura until late to ensure the project remained as true as possible to its original vision. Thematic, aesthetic and design elements were retained due to their core place in the world and backstory. In pursuit of this, locations in Eos were based on real-world locations such as Tokyo , Venice and the Bahamas.

Due to the scale of the game’s narrative and Tabata’s wish to release a single game rather than a series of games similar to Final Fantasy XIII , aspects of the planned narrative were refashioned into supplementary media projects. Initially announced in alongside XIII and Type-0 , the game was publicly rebranded at the Electronic Entertainment Expo , with regular updates on the title beginning the following year. Its initial worldwide release, September 30, was announced at the “Uncovered” event.

A version for Microsoft Windows was released on March 6, Square Enix developed the port with Nvidia using an upgraded version of the Luminous Studio engine, featuring graphical enhancements and all DLC. Multiple pieces of downloadable content DLC were created for the game by a smaller development team from the core Final Fantasy XV staff.

The team was supervised by Tabata and headed by new producer Haruyoshi Sawatari. Episode Ignis was intended to be the last story-based DLC, but positive player feedback resulted in Square Enix wanting to develop further content focusing on other main characters, such as Ardyn.

Final Fantasy XV has received “generally favorable” reviews from critics for all versions, according to review aggregator Metacritic. Opinions on the story of Final Fantasy XV were mixed, although the main cast was praised for its chemistry. Patterson and Destructoid ‘ s Chris Carter also noted the crucial part played by the game’s expanded media in grounding or fleshing out the main story.

The visuals and realistic style were positively received, with IGN ‘ s Vince Ingenito enjoying the unusual use of realistic aesthetic details for the towns and environment. The gameplay was praised for its fast pace and engaging mechanics despite a lack of depth compared with other action games, with several reviewers comparing it to Kingdom Hearts ; [] [] [] [] [] Patterson positively compared normal battles to the CGI cutscene-exclusive battles of earlier Square Enix titles, [] while Leack called the combat system ” Kingdom Hearts meets Dissidia ” and praised its depth and accessibility.

In Japan, the PS4 version topped Japanese gaming charts, selling , units. The Xbox One version sold nearly 3, units. Total sales of both versions came to , units, with the game’s release boosting console sales for the PS4 over the previous week by over 42, units.

The game also became the month’s best-selling PS4 title, and saw the best console launch month in the franchise’s history. Within the first twenty-four hours, Square Enix reported that Final Fantasy XV had shipped five million units worldwide in both physical shipments and digital sales—a figure which allowed the game to “break even” on development costs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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