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Does Lukas Haas just point to the speaker and ask someone to skip the song?


iKon – Wikipedia – Seorang Penyendiri tapi bukan Authis. Pecinta Drama Korea tapi masih Realistis.


If I only had one chance to show someone an example of a mating call for cuffing season, I would play them this song. Cherry Glazerr ft. Cherry Glazerr, spearheaded by Clem Creevy, remains one of the most gratifying bands to follow in L.

With every release, be it album, EP, or one-off collaboration, they display a hunger for endless types of music, without ever losing their DIY punk roots. Its guiding principle seems to be to have fun. Flume ft. Sometimes you retain only fragments, loose threads that leave more questions than answers; other times memories floor you in their totality. Tei Shi ft. The underlying message is deeply sad and deeply true, but like most Tei Shi songs, it is still somehow a bop? The Empress is back!

Turn this track up for the freaky Fall weekend. DaBaby ft. Wiki is a perfect New York rapper because his combination of reverence, frustration, and love for the city that birthed him is palpable in every single one of his songs. He is always bobbing just above the beat, barely staying afloat. Vincent or Nine Inch Nails. She writes about solitude, change, and wanting better connections.

If art truly imitates life, and vice versa, then her reinvigorated sound will hopefully reap dividends. It had a bummer energy transmuted into frantic, gothy-guitar work that lent the whole thing a sort of tightly wound urgency. LIZ feat. The hardest part about mental illness, I find, is the inability to get any consistent goddamned peace and quiet. The mind is always buzzing, always overactive, always locked in its own internal dialogue.

This goes on for over six minutes and, reader, it is a dream state. If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety or any sort of unruly mind, this is a godsend to cancel out the noise.

A hint of funk? In the video, electric purple-and-green hues decorate a low-lit living room setting commanded by several plus-size models with cheekbone highlights worthy of a Glossier campaign. Soccer Mommy, a. Crazy how that works! Welcome to Sad-Boy Fall. The Weeknd is going full album mode post-breakup, sweet Shia is … doing something , and Brent Faiyaz is releasing new singles.

And it makes him kind of jealous? It feels like the simulation is on fire and chaos is erupting at every second, between Caroline Calloway, Lauren Duca, and whatever other nonsense involves Donald Trump. Did Ariana, Miley, and Lana possibly create an anthem to combat … catcalling?!

Ariana is most definitely the ringleader to this corrupted, dark gang. I had to fan myself to cool off. Sometimes a song can do that; help you recalibrate before you have to face the other music again. So what would happen if she made an actual, real-deal anthem? Warped strings crash around thunderous drums, and by the end, when Olsen is performing a sort of controlled wailing, it becomes clear that while the song approaches familiar topics — love and growth and how it can shift and change and disappear as we get older — its sound is something else: an abandonment of nostalgia and warmth in favor of catharsis and unflinching reality.

From Bushwick to Bachelor in Paradise , couples are struggling to define relationships in the face of increasingly fluid dynamics and choice paralysis.

The lyrics capture the threshold between significant and significant other. This week we got a very dark, very gooey Billie Eilish as a fallen angel and a naughty, angelic Camila Cabello. In five verses, vocalists Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, Yola, and Natalie Hemby take turns recounting the moment the life was snuffed out of an ambitious woman. Each story is more crushing than the last.

Played by outlaw-country elders in a commercial lull, it is a word about resilience. The updated version scans over years of oppression in less than four minutes, the message being that in spite of radical changes in the human experience, the main theme — people in power keeping other people out of power — endures.

In the opening to the artist-directed video, Grimes kneels on marble steps clad in her signature dark-fairy attire reading The Art of War.

An ancient Chinese treatise considered to be one of, if not the , oldest living military documents, The Art of War outlines 13 preeminent strategies, one chapter at a time. Listen if you like Taoism, Burning Man, and Arca. Charli XCX ft. The three artists mourn the mistakes they made to their past lovers and ask for a reply to an apology text left on read!!! Brasstracks ft. Last week, Brasstracks slid into my Release Radar playlist with their latest track. Let this feel-good track quell your end-of-summer woes.

Senseless cruelty is tough to grasp. You live with the immediate effects, the hurt and self-doubt that stew in your thoughts during the worst of it, but then you dwell on what motivates people to act on their worst impulses, to betray trust, to tear each other down. The letting go can be as bitter as the strike itself.

The wondering why can cloud your mind long afterward, like the pervasive smell of smoke that follows a fire. The feeling is quite like having another person take up residence inside your head, soaking up time and emotional resources, just making you angry.

But Charlie knew better, warned himself, and hooked up with this woman anyway! Was it his ex-girlfriend Halston Sage? CP Family , we await the results of your federal investigation. Rejoice: Missy Elliott has released a new mixtape, Iconology , and a new video to go with.

Bald backup dancers; Missy on the moon, jumping rope with braids; and enough wild lipstick colors to go around. As I made my way through the hills from West Hollywood to Echo Park, I was tempted by the fantasy of missing my flight back to New York and completely uprooting my lifestyle in favor of this sun-kissed bliss. When you spend a whole afternoon streaming a song on loop, it changes you.

Please bury me in the sand, Lana. Youth is a feeling most of us forget. It gets ripped out from us as life becomes more about tasks, responsibilities, consumption, and capitalism.

We infantilize the idea of it. We think they have it easy, that we know better. In one day, Finneas gave us a headlining tour schedule , an EP announcement, and a brand-new song.

Bless this beautiful Friday. Don McLennon and Matt Champion spit two verses of unapologetic raps on an otherwise confused and melancholy song. Towards the end of the track Kevin Abstract yes, I know just his name gets you hot chimes in on the bridge, rapping once again about … passports. Wake up, drive to the beach, iron out some melodies, rinse, and repeat. At a dinner party in Williamsburg, band members Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack outline the daily routine that went into the making of their upcoming album, komorebi , due in September.

Time will tell. Its nostalgic simplicity is nostalgic in that way — going back to the basics of the genre suits Normani well. We see you. Last September in Long Beach, Big Thief were playing a mid-afternoon slot at a festival to an unfamiliar crowd. The more songs they played, the closer the audience moved toward the four-piece, and with that, more Big Thief fans were converted. They are a traveling band in every sense, hawking their gorgeous songs about tiny and enormous catastrophes from pillar to post.

But no dice. Until now. This just might be their finest song ever — adding to their catalogue of near supernatural excellence. It suits the fact that the song is an ode to the New York skyline, capturing a moment of throwing open the curtains and staring out at the man-made beauty of those tall towers stacked proudly next to one another. She also fell in love in that time. You can hear her heart swell as the body of it builds. Chill, sophisticated, high as a kite.

I share a few things with the powerhouse trio that is Muna, among them a love of Y2K fashion and a scandalized alma mater. Alex G, you got me again. Megan Thee Stallion ft. Also: the incredible generosity of this trio to release it on my birthday. Their minds! Should I take that dick? Which is fine. This is a time to cry and mourn and feel the exhaustion, but to also channel the pain into action.

Lana Del Rey took a flight back from Montecito, phoned her producer Jack Antonoff, and immediately hit the studio to process her feelings about the multiple massacres over the weekend. The Big Moon are typically a twangy-based indie fourpiece from London. They experienced the type of success on their debut LP that most pub-dwelling British bands could only dream of, including a prestigious Mercury prize nomination.

The test for such bands is always in proving that they have more tricks up their sleeve. In the wake of the after-party, the year-old artist sits on the floor wearing a deadpan expression. Does it make you fall in love with me? Haim have consistently been a band about joy — joy for the love of music, which they are dedicated students of.

Youngest sister Alana barely even applied to colleges, so certain that she was going to be in a band with her sisters. In music, they find happiness.

So Haim turn to the masters. As Danielle explained in a social media post, the song began to come together as a little ode to cheer her partner and its co-producer Ariel Rechtshaid while she was on the road and he was at home sick with cancer. It can provide a smile through struggle. It can bring sun to gray skies. It can reignite your faith in love when all you want to do is cry. I felt so seen in the narratives of misfits that refused to conform to the status quo, desperate to fast-forward to the next stage of their young adult lives where they would be accepted as their truest selves.

Gah, the minds of women are so powerful! Rap music moves faster than we can process it. Because of this perpetual forward movement, fans are always looking for the next thing. Of course, he did not do that. It would have been ridiculous and unnecessary. At first, it feels like an outro, but it quickly becomes something more than a throwaway capstone. In the video, lead singer Arrow de Wilde makes clown makeup great again while practicing her exorcist routine.

Meanwhile, the boys look like they ambushed a Depop store. They seem cool. Even when Brockhampton makes low-key or overwhelmingly dark tracks, the rap group that has decided to call themselves a boy band tends to lean cartoony. Usually this manifests in brightly colored videos, or moments of childlike exuberance. Instead it seems designed to rebuke those who felt like Brockhampton were riding the boy-band gimmick too hard — this is purely a strong, unflashy mid-album rap track recontextualized as a single.

Finally, finally Taylor will let her guard down and rest — fighting is so exhausting. Chance the Rapper feat. Yes, Ben Gibbard! Chance, of course, is excellent on the track as well, romantically remembering days past velcro shoes and not-so-past Will Smith as Genie. The song melts various memories into one long summer — perhaps, even, days of them? Greta Thunberg, a year-old climate-change activist, does.

When I listened to what Thunberg had to say, when I heard the way the were engaging with their audiences, when I imagined Matthew Healy giving his stage to another leader half his age because she believes that we still have time to make a difference, it actually calmed me down.

I think this is going to be a worldwide phenomenon. The New Orleans artist and songwriter passes the test with aplomb. May you finish your summer with the same confidence. She is the sister everybody would want.

She is the friend everybody deserves. Vivian Girls, disciples of the s noise-pop implosion, took their love of joyful girl-group harmonies, the Ramones, and bright, blown-out guitar fuzz and transformed into extraordinary mp3 blog fodder.

Except, of course, their songs were timeless compared to the forgettable riffing that dominated New York City warehouse venues and college radio in , and as women in a DIY network ruled by dudes, they were progenitors of whatever progress the space has encountered in the years since their disbandment.

What an effortlessly breezy and beautiful new song from Chicago greats Wilco, whose 14th! British pop fiend Charli XCX has become as much a purveyor of taste as she has a pop star in her own right.

Its drums sound like fireworks being set off inside a closed steel container. The song closes with the residents of a house calling out the name of their dead friend, throwing bottles out the window. Van Morrison, at his best, writes wistful songs that feel almost vaporous.

Wave Racer ft. Your latest guilty pleasure has arrived, courtesy of Australian producer Wave Racer. You were looking weird, you were moving kinda strange. Big Sound Festival, back in She was based there at the time as a student by way of Botswana. So when a missive from London-based label Ninja Tune came this week with news of her debut LP, I was highly intrigued.

A flawless voice? Still, the song is a win for both teams. Beyond the actual song, this remix proves how far the teen has come — and in such a short time. Blood Orange ft. Jay Som. Save the date for September 20! Post Malone ft. The fifth stage of living under Post Malone is acceptance, and it does seem like our dirtbag pop king has worn down many a skeptical listener over the last year his perpetual chart presence, at the very least, more than confirms this.

Though Mae wrote the song as a teenager in her native town of Terlingua, Texas, the song functions as both a love letter to the south-Texan desert and a portrait of the girl who left it behind. Lillie Mae is part of a new generation of country singers. Honey-dripped vocals and earnest reflections remain center stage, but the image of the artist herself is grittier, the stories darker, and the characters relatable on a more visceral level.

The milestones Mae sings of are murkier, more elusive, than first dates and Friday nights. Rumors had been swirling around for months about a joint album from Bad Bunny and J Balvin, and the reggaetoneros finally confirmed the chatter last night with a surprise announcement on Instagram: Oasis , an eight-song set, was dropping at midnight. The pair met through DJ Luian in , and since then, both have built formidable careers.

Their voices are low, weaving around each other to the point where each individual artist is almost indiscernible. Welcome to the Oasis. The song is its own singular world and one of the best things Yorke has made without the rest of Radiohead. I hope he never makes another song like it. The performance is not the main attraction. Instead, her voice is softened and distorted, melted into the free-form funk instrumentation.

Who are you singing about?! Political songs are hard to pull off. It takes a deft, wise songwriting hand to hit that sweet spot—and as it turns out, Lucy Dacus is just the songwriter for the job. And she makes it sound so good, too. Chick rock is a hard genre to nail. Veer towards the experimental and you risk turning off mainstream listeners. Too soft? Drake feat. Against the backdrop of a steady, bass-heavy beat, Drake raps about how rich and on top of his game he is. I love it.

Without question, the first time I felt like a real adult was when, in my early 20s, I was stuck at the airport and with nothing else to do, I killed time by drinking at the airport bar.

Sometimes personal epiphanies arrive in the form of well whiskey at the airport, or in this case, drinking margaritas at the mall. Darker or less dark than drinking at the airport? Something like this probably happens every day at the remaining malls in the U.

That David Berman is able to make it sound noble but still sad is a great skill. Sometimes we peak early. Shit happens. Most of the songs on the EP sound like they were microwaved a few seconds before release time. Plenty of bands go on hiatus, but with the Hold Steady it made a bit more sense. Each song is a short story: a collection of misguided nostalgia transmuted into tiny details that evoke a feeling of sentimentality.

Hot Girl Summer is a meme, sure, but it is first and foremost a way of life. It is bad bitches living their baddest bitch truth. Mark Ronson ft. Atlanta fans may recognize Yellow Days — a. His knack? Writing songs about feeling exhausted that sound decidedly unbothered. E f. E did it to himself. The tune runs just under five minutes, but in the right groove you could imagine listening to it for hours on repeat.

That he collaborated with fellow Brit Tom Misch to serve up some sinister funk is almost too much. Dearly departed synth-pop heroes Chairlift were always underrated for how weird they could sound — an expert mingling of the strange and the accessible, as Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly tinkered in the studio like mad synth-pop scientists.

Benny the Butcher ft. He raps everything at pretty much the exact same speed, and like some kind of menacing but not especially emotional Godzilla, he destroys everything in his path. He may have just landed himself, at No. GoldLink ft. Packed with plenty of features — from Pusha T, Tyler, the Creator, Khalid, Bibi Bourelly, and more — the debut album the others were technically mixtapes is a certified bop. Featuring Tyler, the Creator and Jay Prince, this song will be booming loudly on every block this summer.

GoldLink, thank you for the perfect summer vibe. The more-multifarious-than-you-think sound of emo has, arguably, become the predominant style in indie rock over the past five years — in other words, the perfect time for the Appleseed Cast to return. And she comes at night just as the singer is about to give up and fall asleep. This other person is loud and unpredictable.

If not, why not? We damn well should. Banks ft. You have my attention again, Jillian. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib ft. Paak to ooze out a melodic rap that calms things down and closes out the song. In a cramped recording studio in Soho, a shoeless Jacob Collier hits play.

A handful of critics, friends, and collaborators form a crescent around the year-old Brit. Some recline on velvet couches while others sit cross-legged on the floor. Nine minutes and 5, vocal parts later, the curtain drops. It turns a staid lullaby into a living chorus that sticks with you long after its final note.

It builds into a cacophony of voices in total singing overlapping, elongated parts. Collier reached out to featured collaborators with a simple ask: record yourself singing moon in B-flat and send the video clip his way. They are, respectively, impossibly prolific and yet rarely sacrifice quality in saturating the global market.

Those larger-than-life synth swells are the DNA of Scandinavian pop production, and are also the foundation of this song. In the film, that Vulture essentially willed into being , Park plays Marcus Kim, the lead singer of Hello Peril, a good? San Francisco local band that has exactly one hit.

Alex eases us in with a familiar feeling of comfort by using an acoustic guitar, metallic piano, and faint pitter-pattering drums before coming in hot with synthesizers and manipulating his vocals by shifting the pitch. Indie rocker Jay Som unleashed a quiet riot with her breakout LP Everybody Works, and this first single from her forthcoming third album Anak Ko suggests that her hot streak of emotive, youthful-sounding indie rock is tough to break.

MUNA do both. With their second album confirmed for later this summer, is about to be theirs. What is Bon Iver up to? Justin Vernon premiered new material at a concert last weekend, and before you knew it he was unveiling a new website with some of those new songs for your home-listening pleasure.

Three years later and the boys are back to kickoff the start of summer with a batch of fresh tunes that make you feel alive. While I never want them to depart for that long again, I fully respect their process. For at least fifteen years, the eclectic and multifarious electronic pop that Roisin Murphy sounds has been one of the worst-kept secrets in indie circles.

Her latest solo single is eight and a half minutes of sneaky, brilliant house music—the type of tricky bliss that Vladislav Delay once achieved on his classic Luomo record Vocalcity, only these grooves come from frequent Murphy collaborator Crooked Man.

Listen to this in the dark — or anywhere else, really. Justice for Witness! Is there anything that needs to be said other than my heart is full? This is quite possibly the best way to kick off Pride. Sound like a lot? Well the chorus is contagious, so watch out. It was too much when Sleater-Kinney posted a photo of the three of them with St. Vincent at the start of the year, but it was also welcome. Vincent had since continued to become one of the most versatile and vital gifts in alternative rock.

It also created a palpable thrill for what such a collaboration might sound like. Well, it sounds like an angular guitar battlefield in which nobody crosses the desires of the women instigating this party.

What an invitation. Ready for a hot take? Call me crazy, but over the past five years the Voidz have gone from brown-sound annoyance to one of the most interesting rock bands going right now. Callinan, it sounds a little like house music, and features liberal amounts of Auto-Tune. Yup, sounds about right. Swim Deep are a once NME-championed band from the early s London indie scene; they came from Birmingham with enormous ambition and even bigger hearts, were signed to a major label, and became the alternative equivalent of a boy band.

The music was always good, but somehow as the music got better, the band found themselves in more perilous situations. Some lineup shifts and life struggles later, front man Austin Williams, bassist Cavan McCarthy, and keys man James Balmont now return with new players. Burial back! New music from William Bevan — one of the most influential dance producers of the last 20 years, full stop — is always cause for celebration, and the heads surely salivated this week at the announcement of a new two-tracker out next month from his longtime label home Hyperdub.

Cue the King Princess drop-your-debut-album challenge. I do not hold half as much affection in my heart for Charlie Puth as, ahem , my colleague Hunter Harris does no one should! The Puth co-wrote and co-produced the thing! The Compton-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist known for his work as a member of the Internet has unleashed his debut album Apollo XXI today, and the hype has not been unwarranted.

Certain moments vibe much harder than others. In other words, another curveball from Clairo, and undoubtedly not the last, either. This single smashes so hard, I want it to come on every time I step out on a rooftop. I was a philosophy major. Dystopian, but make it disco. I am still longing and seeking something more. Who I am is not a place at which I can arrive. On Fever , Megan Thee Stallion bounces between freaky and greedy, rapping about doing hood-rat shit with her friends, going to Pappadeaux real ones know , and ignoring every man until they start talking about having sex with her.

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