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Overall rating: 7.

Download do jogo toy story 3 para pc completo gratis. Toy Story 3: The Video Game torrent download for PC


To be fair, the animation in the game is quite good for the Nintendo portable, even though the gameplay suffers incredibly. Woody moves so agonizingly slowly that you’ll start yelling at him to lay off the wood glue and get his butt in gear. Toy Story is a port of the bit game of the same name and, as with the Pocahontas game reviewed below, it just doesn’t cut the mustard in comparison.

Though there’s not much that feels new here, Toy Story is a decent game. As Woody, you lope through a bedroom helping your pals from last year’s flick.

But too much of the game-play is plodding and repetitive-how much slow running and jumping can one cowpoke take? Slight variations, like a timed level and a Rexriding level, help a little, but they’re only mild fun. Woody’s weapon is his drawstring, and it isn’t very accurate when you use it to swing across gaps. The graphics are simpie and the sounds basic: This game feels more like a low-tech throwback than the high-tech triumph the movie and bit games were.

The problem with many movie- to-game adaptations is a lack of good original gameplay. Sadly, Toy Story fulfills that legacy. Woody, the cowboy hero of the movie, runs, jumps and whips through 19 levels, most of them platform hoppers. The rendered sprites are large but grainy, and the colorful backgrounds create a toy-world feel. Voices from the film pop up often, but the music will have you scrambling for the volume control. The levels pose little challenge, so success depends mostly on trial and error.

Kids may enjoy the simple gameplay, but experienced players will find this Story suffers on the small screen. Based on Disney’s latest animated extravaganza, Toy Story will bewitch you with eye-popping graphics. But its beauty is only surface deep: The dull gameplay will please only diehard fans of the flick. Following the film’s plot, Woody, a pull-string cowboy, suddenly faces competition from new arrival Buzz.

When his jealous plan to regain the top spot backfires and endangers Buzz, Woody must rescue his foe or be outcast by the other toys. Equipped with only a whip and jump, you explore bedrooms, a pizza parlor, and the neighbor’s house from the perspective of a small toy.

Renegade toys and other evils stalk you as you uncover routes past looming book shelves and other towering obstacles. Using a proprietary new graphics technology, Disney nearly transforms your Genesis into a Saturn with graphics that are astonishingly similar to Clockwork Knight’s.

Everything’s rendered in striking 3D detail and moves with fluid realism. The plain one-color backgrounds, however, detract from the 3D feel. The sounds aren’t as sharp. Scratchy voice samples chime in now and then, but not often enough.

The bouncy tunes and effects maintain the toy-ish atmosphere, though. Unfortunately, Toy Story doesn’t support its innovative graphics with equally innovative gameplay, as recent stars like Vectorman do. Although the action runs the gamut from hop-n-bop to racing to Doom -style shooting, the actual gameplay often involves laborious tasks like putting away Woody’s toy friends or steering a temperamental car through an obstacle course.

The lack of passwords or saves adds to the tedium because delving deeper into the game means replaying these rote scenarios over and over again. To make things worse, the finicky controls burden you with mushy jumps and a whip that connects unpredictably.

For those who can overcome the plodding pace, Toy Story’s fun comes from its engaging graphics and impressive variety. Veteran gamers won’t face many challenges, but younger kids who were captured by the movie’s charm will find the going tough. This Story’s worth a quick read to see where you fall, but Vector- man’s a much better tale. Toy Story is an action platform game based on the animated movie with the same name.

It, as well as the movie, was followed by a sequel. The story closely follows the one in the movie, with a few minor differences. Put shortly, Sheriff Woody, a cowboy action figure, fights to keep the attention of his owner who, on his birthday, receives a brand new toy, Buzz Lightyear. After a lengthy struggle, the two rivals finally go over their differences and make amends. There are cuts between levels when the game tells the story but, although much appreciated, these can seem a bit too long.

The gameplay of Toy Story is very varied. Most of the levels you are in control of Woody as he tries to fulfill the goal mentioned at the beginning of the level. You must dodge obstacles and incapacitate enemies with your whip while making your way to the end.

Meanwhile, you can collect stars which, if you have enough, grant you extra lives at the end of the level. Oddly, you cannot see the number of stars you have already collected so, unless you count them, you should probably try to get as many as you can.

Other levels are much more different. One of them puts you inside a claw machine through which you must navigate, find and retrieve toys within a given time. In another level, you are placed inside a toy car and you must race through the room, collecting stars and batteries.

Lastly, there is also a boss battle where you must repeatedly hit a tire in order to trap your rival. The graphics of Toy Story are mostly sprites which look deceptively 3D and, although now they may seem a bit on the squarish side, upon release, the game was praised for the quality of its visuals.

The addition of voice overs in certain situations was a nice touch, but it can quickly become annoying to hear characters saying the same thing over and over again. Moreover, the sound is a bit muffled, so they probably went with quantity over quality. Finally, Toy Story is a high quality game with gameplay that greatly varies from level to level, making sure you never fall into a routine. Fans of the movie or the genre or both! When is a toy not just a toy? When it’s alive, that’s when.

That’s the premise behind Toy Story, the new animated feature film from Disney Studios and new video game from Disney Interactive. Last issue we took a first look at Dl’s Gargoyles , their adaptation of the Disney syndicated cartoon. We were amazed by Gargoyles’ fluid animation and beautiful sprites and wondered if Disney Interactive could ever top that amazing cart.

Imagine our surprise a few weeks later when we got a peek at Toy Story! Travellers Tales, the development house behind last year’s incredible Mickey Mania has joined forces with Psygnosis to create another eye-popper. It looks so hot, everybody will think you’re playing a next generation machine when you’re only using a humble bit platform.

When we told you that bit gaming wasn’t dead we meant it–Toy Story uses just about every trick in the book to redefine what you thought was possible graphically on the Genesis the game will also be released on the SNES, in case you were curious.

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Come and play to infinity…and beyond! Marcadores populares para este produto:. Idiomas :. Editora: Disney. Partilhar Incorp. As Andy prepares to depart for college, Buzz, Woody and the rest of his loyal toys are troubled about their uncertain future. Anderson “Cars” and “Monsters, Inc.

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