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Anyone know if the Microsoft Office is still offered for free to Soldiers? Can I apply it to my annual subscription, retroactively? He tells me to enter my email again, so I do. Open the military site at the Microsoft Store.

Resources – Microsoft Military Affairs.Microsoft Office Military Discount | 30% Off with Home Use Program


Contacted CS and was told the issue is on my employers end, not theirs. I explained that I suspected it was simply because my email suffix is okinawa. Of course, on a new Mac Laptop it does not.

I used my [email protected] email address. You will receive a confirmation email with your Product Key as well as download instructions when our review has been completed. Please allow 4 to 6 hours for our review to be completed before inquiring about the status of your order. We recommend that you write down or print your Order Number for future reference. Ready to rip my hair out at this point.

After cancelling the first order and repurchasing, I received the same message above. Wait for that call or e-mail from them.

Better that way than you re-purchasing again and again and getting nowhere. In fact, I highly advised anyone who has trouble purchasing to attempt only once and then call Microsoft after that, if still not resolved ask to be escalated to that Tier 2 team of theirs since usually those are their most experienced technicians. Wait for that contact from Tier 2 Support. They usually are the last line of support for this and have a high success rate of resolving your issue.

As I mentioned above grit your teeth and be patient. Call help desk. Mines work fine. I use my [email protected] and it work fine. I just need to go home and get the forward email from my work to my home to download the product. The best way is to call the helpdesk to make sure you email is accurate. Try using your complete name again and also so emails might still be under the af.

Good Luck. I honestly got no where with Microsoft over the phone help. By dumb luck, I had the Microsoft validation email in my Coast Guard inbox and then just forwarded to my personal email. I would just and see if you can receive the validation email from Microsoft. I purchased Microsoft Office on December 1st Those Tier 2 people know what to do if you can get to them. The first ones that answer when you call or chat are frontline folks with little to no experience handling this issue.

Again, grit your teeth and be patient. I have a Mac and my office is so outdated! I went to the exchange and they have a year subscription for Thank you so much for providing this!

Ann: It actually does work provided you get the right representative and have tons of patience. The problem is getting a knowledgeable technician to help you out in this scenario since only a small amount of people at Microsoft know this problem.

My advice will be the same as what I told Andy below, if all else fails ask for a supervisor and demand to be escalated to higher level of support.

That should get you the help you need. Bottom line refuse to be turned away or referred to the I. Grit your teeth and be persistent. Good luck. If you have a service request number with Microsoft tech support, demand to be escalated to higher level of support. I have a work email address that ends in associates.

Is there a reason why this does not work? I work for DHS. Microsoft is unable to provide any assistance. I would recommend updating this guide to reflect that! This guide is a misleading to make you believe that if you spend the time with customer service, they can help. Please revise! That usually gets you the help you need from the Microsoft technician. If all else fails ask that technician that you want to talk to a supervisor. So far I have been trying for days and no one seems to be able to help me.

They just say to contact the internet service provider for the email to have the email unblocked. Coast Guard here. Andy: You probably got a newbie who does not know any better.

Follow my suggestions that was my reply to your post on October 29, at Not Navy. Use the Army program code above when going to the HUP website. Keep trying! I had the same issue, I had to re-enter it up to 5 times for it to finally go through, keep trying! Spencer: FYI. Thanks for the update.

You should be able to put in the code after typing in your DOD email address. Attempted to use my ship. Navy code does not work.

Anyone else having problems? Do you have another navy. If your a member of the Coast Guard you need to call or chat with Microsoft Support. Due to Coast Guard I.

You basically have to grit your teeth and contact Microsoft for help using the guide I posted earlier. I just tried with a Coast Guard e-mail address and it worked just fine. The e-mail was even sent to my inbox and not my junk folder. By clicking here and entering your email address and code when asked during the check out process. Navy station in Japan and my email is FE.

The above code does not work for uscg. I am getting the error code asking to verify if my work email and code are correct. In my experience Navy the HUP reply is sent to your. Also, check your. I keep entering the Air Force program code and it says Congratulations your email will be sent, but I have yet to receive an email.

Use the instructions above to contact Microsoft. They can usually help you out. Just be patient though since the support team for this is not as big as you might think. JWL: You need access to our your work e-mail. Will stop by work this weekend to see what the link says to do next. Any way to get this as a retiree? I did this several years ago, while active, just wanted to update from office to …. Any valid codes for US Coast Guard. Cheers, Tom. They assist with re-installation issues for free.

If you want to do it yourself just make sure the computer that had Office before is not online anymore or dead and then install Office on the new computer you want it on using the product key and download link you got when you first purchase Office. If you lost access to the key and download link your last hope is to contact Microsoft. Provide them you. They will support you for free. Could you post it again? Much obliged! I want to add it to the post to help others.

No problem. Some service branches have multiple program codes as you may have noticed with the Coast Guard one. Army mail. The agents that you can get in touch with can validate for you the work e-mail address and if not working they will help you out to get the Office products purchased and installed FOR FREE! They can figure out which program code to use actually. If the program code does not work tell the technician right away. Jason, Correct! They are right; this is a great deal, one we would all like to participate in, eh?

Navy users just have to keep checking……. NOT office All, I have to squelch my initial glee; like a big dope I mistakenly purchased Project 16 instead of Office For my Navy home-port site only Project and Visio are available through the HUP, even though there is an announcement banner for Office….

So, while the Navy code works it appears the HUP offer is presently half-baked and missing Office Really appreciate it.

Correct, Chelsea; I made my transaction while on my. I got the information from homeport. I know the Navy code worked for my navy. Homeport was updated with that information yesterday. I wish I could be more help. I just completed my purchase; please spread the good news. Tom Mack. Is the code change already? I am also looking for the new code for USCG. I tried the current code and I am only getting the option of Project and Visio. Any news on when then new one will be out?

Still no word on the DON code? Unfortunately, there is not a firm date for when the new HUP Program Code will become available, but it should be soon. Once we receive the new Program Code, the HomePort page will be updated. I have tried all the codes for the services, none work with my navy. If anyone else has any luck, please let me know. As long as you have an email ending in. Try it and let us know! I am putting in my military email. I tried the new Navy code that was posted in this comment thread.

It only gave me the option to buy either Microsoft Project or Visio. Just used the Army code at the top and it worked for me.

Thank you for this site and all of your help and time. It goes a long way and helps a lot of people! Can I install the one license on multiple devices, or can I buy multiple licenses for more than one home devices? I just got the page from my work email and it seems to be working.

Still waiting on Navy codes, hopefully something soon, since it would be nice to have for school. Both works in Windows even though the first one is for a Mac in the version. But they require Windows See official response from Navy HUP management above. There should be Navy codes within a week or so. Same here… Navy codes for navy. Definitely would like the new code. Anyone know? I would also appreciate the code for USN. Check with your benefits administrator.

Or call Microsoft using the instructions above and give them your military e-mail. It says it worked, and that I should have an email; there is no email. I have tried all the codes and still have no email. Anyone else have this problem? Do they have a program for them if not why not? Did anyone else experience this? Did you just go ahead to the page? Could it be my network? I am typing in my navy. Am I doing something wrong? Although, I probably know the answer to my question. I was wondering why retired or disabled or retired disabled veterans are not offered a similar military discount for Office products.

The discount isnt to help the service member, its to help the units. To facilitate the proficiency of the AD members in MS Office suite, they came up with this program get more members using it at home. This would in turn improve their usage at work, theoretically.

So I followed the directions and it said it will send me an email to my military email. Forward the email from your government email address to your personal one. Download on your personal computer. How come disable veterans does get the opportunity to use this discount from the program. AD Navy. Was not successful without code or with code for navy. Sends me a link but the link brings me back to the eligibility page…. I have updated all the links, please let me know if they are not still not working for you, thanks!

Is there possibly a new link? I tried the link mentioned above but it just takes me to the Microsoft Home Page. Have you heard of the program codes not working for anyone?

I caught myself before purchasing it and went back and applied for the home and student but now the new link also takes me to visio and project manager program. I tried a different code as well and it still gives me a link to purchase visio or project manager. Home Use Program products are not tied to the program code. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Is Microsoft Office free for military? How do I get Microsoft Office military discount?

How much is Microsoft Office for Military? How much does Microsoft Home Use program cost? Do you have to pay for Microsoft Office every year? Can I download Microsoft Office for free? This is exactly accurate and the problem I was having for days. Still says the same thing for me, too. Link is disabled in enterprise email. How do I enable the link for download? This is horrible service Microsoft Reply. Microsoft products come with a 30 day warranty. Just contact MS using the guide above.

How can retirees get this without a. I have tried with the AF codes, but it doesnt recognize my email Reply. Abigail: HUP is usually for folks with a.

Spencer: Got some slightly bad news for you and folks who are availing of the Home Use Program. Glad to be of help. How do I get a refund on this? The product key will not work. They should have enough information to take care of the rest.

I got it! This is for emails ending usmc-mccs. Email usmc-mccs. Have you tried LibreOffice? Taking any and all suggestions… Reply. Worked like a charm! For the socom. Michael: Have you contacted Microsoft support as detailed in the post above? John — keep the great comments coming! Updated the post, thanks!

Hi, If you can add this in the information for the Coast Guard program code: If your a member of the Coast Guard you need to call or chat with Microsoft Support. Thanks John, another great tip! Added the info to the post. Recommend waiting another 6 hours then contacting the Microsoft help as described in the post. What code do we use if w have a mail. These are some of the codes we have found on various websites and forums:.

Step 4: Forward the email and receipt to your personal email address in order to access the download link from your home computer. Step 5: Once home, click through the receipt email to install the software. Note: the product key in the email is necessary for installation.

If you are having troubles with the Microsoft Home Use Program, you may need to contact Microsoft customer support. Before you do that, try using a different military email address if you have one.

You will most likely need to contact Microsoft Customer Support. No Longer in the Military? You may be eligible if your current employer participates in the Home Use Program.

This includes many large companies, government organizations, and more. To see if your company participates in the program, simply visit the Microsoft Home Use Program website , enter your company email address, and verify eligibility. The Microsoft Military Discount Program offers discounts on many Microsoft products, including software, computers, the X-Box, and much more. This program is available to current and former military members and their families.

You can visit the Microsoft military discount page to learn more see terms. Microsoft also offers education discounts to students in K and higher education colleges and universities. Discounts are available to students, faculty, and parents. Valid only on select products and cannot be stacked with other offers. You can purchase select Microsoft Office programs and other Microsoft products at a discount at your base Exchange.

These purchases are also tax-free. He is a writer, small business owner, and entrepreneur. Ryan started The Military Wallet in after separating from active duty military service and has been writing about financial, small business, and military benefits topics since then.

See author’s posts. These responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. Please, please keep doing we as retired veteran need someone like working for us. Can I apply it to my annual subscription, retroactively? However, I would think they could prorate the discount going forward, or possibly apply it to your account if you have it on auto-renew.

I would contact them to verify. Load More Comments. Departments of Defense or Veterans Affairs. The content on The Military Wallet is produced by Three Creeks Media, its partners, affiliates and contractors, any opinions or statements on The Military Wallet should not be attributed to the Dept. If you have questions about Veteran programs offered through or by the Dept.

If you have questions of a specific nature consider consulting a financial professional, accountant or attorney to discuss. References to third-party products, rates and offers may change without notice. Advertising Notice: The Military Wallet and Three Creeks Media, its parent and affiliate companies, may receive compensation through advertising placements on The Military Wallet; For any rankings or lists on this site, The Military Wallet may receive compensation from the companies being ranked and this compensation may affect how, where and in what order products and companies appear in the rankings and lists.


Windows 10 home military discount free download. Microsoft Office Military Discount – Save 30% with Microsoft Home Use Program

Microsoft offers current military members a 30% discount on an Office Home Use Program subscription. There is a also 10% discount on. The Microsoft Store discount offers 10 percent off specific products in the online store. It does not apply to Office or Windows 10 software;. See if you qualify for the Microsoft Workplace Discount Program. Get deals on Microsoft and Surface through your employer. Formerly the Microsoft Home.


Windows 10 home military discount free download


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There is a Microsoft Home Use program that, by verifying your. I just used it to install on windows 10 home military discount free download new PC last month.

Here’s the link:. Free office suite — the evolution of OpenOffice. Compatible with Microsoft. Updated regularly, community powered. Posted on Feb 19, SSG Join to see. I am Looking for a Microsoft Office Download. I know you used to be able to download it from AKO but i can’t seem to find it.

Anyone know if the Microsoft Office is still offered for free to Soldiers? Posted in these groups: Microsoft Software. Follow this discussion. Responses: Sort By Newest Oldest Votes. GySgt Join to see. Vote up. Vote down. So are you going to share? I recognise you used so as to down load it from AKO however i can’t appear to locate it. Anyone recognise if the Microsoft Office continues to be provided without spending a dime to Soldiers Social media is often visible as something handiest meant for leisurely activities and retaining up with old pals.

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The technologies we use on a daily basis windows 10 home military discount free download even notice how it makes our lives easier. Posted 9 y ago. Microsoft will send you and email to your. Hope it helps Microsoft Home Use Program.

SGT Join to see. Why don’t you consider LibreOffice or OpenOffice for free? The file types are compatible. Show More Comments. Read This Next. Join nearly 2 million former and current members of the US military, just like you.

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